Zyanya V4.2

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Zyanya V4.2

The clothing consists of conforming bodice/corset, panties, arm bracers, shin
covers along with a prop crown and earrings. Every clothing item has three
different mat files along with some of Tabala’s FAMOUS
custom shaders!

Zyanya for V4.2 is a high resolution character that was specifically designed
for Poser 6, 7 and Poser Pro by Smith Micro and the advanced shader options
available in these programs. She uses displacement maps and specular maps to
accentuate her beautiful textures. As such, she is NOT designed or rated for P4,
PP or P5 and has not been tested in these programs—therefore there is no
support for these versions of Poser or DAZ Studio—she will NOT WORK IN DAZ
STUDIO. She HAS NOT been tested on a Mac, but she should work there. You need to
have V4.2 AND her morphs and morphs++ installed correctly to use this character.

She has 5 beautiful make-ups that lend a fantasy air to her uniquely beautiful
and strong features–3 more make-ups are provided for the queen morph. 8
different lipstick options 12 different nail colors, 7 GORGEOUS eyes, 5 brow
colors and 6 lash color options. Her eyes, brows and nails are self contained so
they’re easy to use on any character you choose. Her lips can be used with any
make up, making this a true mix and match character.

This pack brings you the best in modular options! There are no lip colors on the
general makeup textures so that you can choose your own colors—there are color
coordinated lipsticks for the makeup so you can choose those if you wish. ON THE
QUEEN MAKEUP—lipstick is already on the textures—but you can change these if
you wish. Keep in mind that there is also lip liner on the texture, so your
results in changing the lips may not be exactly what you were looking for.


The makeup options do not have the lip color set as shown in the thumbnails. I
left the lip color completely up to you. You will find all the lip colors on the
thumbnails in the lip folder.

The brows must have the brow activated or turned on before they will work, you
can find the brow on and off mats in the Mat folder. The brow option will NOT
work with the queen morph. Because of this, her 3 custom make-up options have
the brows painted on. There are instructions included to guide you to adjust the
brow plate to work with her, but in case you can’t or don’t want to, there
are brows on all the make-up textures and painted brows on the queen make-up.

The queen, for obvious reasons, cannot wear your normal hair. I’ve had amazing
results with head dresses, crowns and top knot pony tails.

The shin guards MAY show poke through in extreme poses. Please use the Calf
Bulge and Shin Thickness morphs and tweak until the poke through is gone.
We sincerely hope you enjoy
Zyanya—and thank you for visiting this page!

Please see editorial tab for information and images.

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Nallana for V3

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