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A Genesis/Genesis 2 Motion Capture Construction Kit for the Zombie Apocalypse!
Release your inner Zombie! We have taken the best-selling Zombie Moves motion-capture packs and converted them over to Genesis and Genesis 2. But we’ve gone far beyond simply retargeting the mocap data. We have tweaked the animations to allow you to loop them and chain them together. We have built a mocap construction kit allowing you to create a massive number of unique zombie animations.

This pack comes with 18 different motion-captured animations, all of which have been optimized for the Genesis/Genesis 2 characters so they can be applied with just a couple of clicks into your own animated scene. We have also provided each animation in aniblock, .PZ2, and .BVH formats, giving you a wide range of options to use them:

Special features include looping and chained animations.

All of the walking motions will loop with themselves and all four of the Classic Walks will chain together. The Head Hit Stagger, React to Noise, Transition to Arms Down, and Transition to Arms Up will allow you to blend between the Classic Walks and the Shuffle Sway mocap. Headshot Arms Down, Hit by Gunshot, and Hit by Shotgun will chain with the Classic Walk poses while the Headshot Arms Up will chain with the Shuffle Sway. Stand in Place will loop.

Unleash the Horde! Start your Zombie Apocalypse today!


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