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  • – You MUST LOAD the clothes before the armcuff since in some cases loading the armcuff first can cause the

JCM morphs of the clothes to break.

  • – Some poke-through in more extreme poses between V3 legs and the trouser may happen, to avoid any such problem simply?use the -HideV3Shins and -HideV3Thighs MAT poses you can find in Young Soul: Vanilla folder –> “MAT AS-Vanilla”
  • – Young Soul: Vanilla material settings are optimized to work in P5/P6, moreover some settings, as the displacement settings?will only work in these two Poser version.?The Mats are compatible with previous versions but the final outcome, of course, will be quite different (no sculpted sole?and shoes side decoration, no sculpted plastic bra deconrations for example). .BUM files for P4 users are not included (as?well as .rsr thumbnails) and bump settings both in P4 and ProPack will probably need to be adjusted manually since they are?much more sensible in P5/P6 therefore are set at very low values.
  • – The chains and rings on the back of the trouser are smart propped to the trouser, it has has the same morphs of the trouser?so remember to set the morphs both for the trouser and for the back prop or poke-through may happen. When posing V3 some?overlapping of trouser and back prop can still happen, use the float and float2 morphs in this case.?If you don’t want to use the back props you can simply select and delete it.
  • – When using the armcuff some poke-through may happen when the forearm bends, to adjust it use the morph adj-back, just select?the armcuff ans set it to 1.
  • – The belly rings follows V3 abdomen movements but in some cases, with more dynamic poses, it may not follow it perfectly,?you’ll need to move it manually to give it the right position in such cases.
  • – To correct possible poke-theough when using the trouser special morphs use the magnets attached to it.


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