Yasuo for G2 Koji

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Bring Koji to realistic and detailed life in your renders, with Yasuo’s custom head morph and photo-real skin textures.

Yasuo is a complete character for Koji G2. He’s handsome enough to play the hero in your scenes, but he’s got all the little imperfections that make him realistic enough for the boy next door too.

Yasuo is toned to look good in the same lights as the best-selling Shizuko character for Miki.

Realistic skin texture created from photographs, with bmp maps
Genital texture
Tattoed dragon skin option
Seven beautiful realistic eyes
Poser 5+ shaders to bring out the best in him!
Textures can be applied either through MAT poses or material collections, both supplied
Head morph with pose to apply it

-Eye textures are 1000×1000

-Body textures are 3451×4000

-Head textures are 4000×3500

-Lash transparency is 500×500

-Tooth texture is 1000×1000

Required: Link to post:
Koji G2 Figure http://3d-stuff.ru/koji-g2-figure/



P3D G2F Morph Package
BodySuit CHR

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