Xiao Mei’s Finery HD for Aiko 6 and Genesis 2 Female(s)

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Two piece set: dress and shoes. Hand crafted morphs for all current DAZ main characters, and all needed Genesis 2 Female full body “Real World” body morphs are included, along with applicable partial body morphs and Out Of Touches Fiend’s Forever. UVs and material zones are arranged for fantastic results when using DAZ Studio shader presets or Poser MC6’s. The DAZ Studio MAT files use Uber Surface (included free with DAZ Studio), the Poser MAT files are custom made so you will get beautiful renders in both programs. The dress auto follows the legs and requires very little adjustment even in extreme bends. Adjustment morphs are also included to get just the right fit.

The wrinkles on the dress are an HD morph at 2x the resolution, there is an HD and a base version so you can load the one you need for your scene, they also work perfectly in Poser, however you must turn off limits on the Sub-D and set it to 2 to get the proper effect.

Files Courtesy of Dave Harley


Diogo for M4
Short Ponytail

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