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The X8A01 language is an hard one to grasp as it’s based on unique sound they can produce with their multi-tones larynx. Yet it’s also mathematically and poetically charming to the human hear, it’s easy to get lost in it and to get enchanted by this space-faring race.
X8A01 race representative haven’t revealead the position or their planet and actually guard the information as their most precious secret, yet they’re very open to understanding and exploring other societies and get in touch with different races.

This bundle includes the following products:
X8A01 for Victoria 4, compatible with Poser and DAZ Studio compatible.
X8A01 for Genesis 2 / Victoria 6 only compatible with DAZ Studio only.

– 8 independent pieces of clothes to be mixed and matched as you like.
– brand new, unique and original AlfaseeD concept
– High quality and high resolution textures that breath life into the mesh and guarantee professional-looking rendering results.
– Poser 8+ advanced materials (MATs include the SSS node). Included are diffuse, bump and specular maps for professional and optimal results in any 3d/rendering tool.
– DAZ Studio materials presets.
– V4 morphs (Victoria 4 version) to help with fitting to custom characters (see below for a complete list). To add more morphs check out the magnets fitting sets available at DAZ or the Morphing Clothes tool by Dimension 3D.
– V6 custom morph (Genesis 2 version).
– Helper morphs to help with fittings, to solve poke-throughs etc.
– Hide morphs to customize some of the pieces even further.


The Lilithai Strigoia Bundle, Volume 1

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