X02: Touched for V4 A4 G4

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X02: Touched is a high quality conforming clothing package, that brings you a sexy leather cheongsam dress, a panty and extreme high-heel sandals with platform soles. All clothing items are super-conforming, they automatically follow the included V4 Morphs.

All morphs have been carefully handcrafted for a perfect fit. Included are several V4++ Morphs, all Aiko 4 Bodymorphs, The Girl 4 bodymorph and the V4 Elite bodymorphs. Have a look at the PopUps to see a detailed list of morphs.

X02: Touched comes with 6 high quality and highly-detailed texture styles.

What you get with this package:

03 Geometry Files

03 Super-Conforming Clothing Figures for V4 with Morphs
06 Full Texture Options

06 Textures for all Items (4000×4000)
01 Transmap for all Items (4000×4000)
01 Displacementmap for all Items (4000×4000)
01 Specularmap for all Items (4000×4000)
02 Reflectionmaps


18 Matposes



Exnem Sweet Pastries
KPL 1978 Cobra Motorhome


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