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…You have your photo-real tree trunks & your fairies, but wait!… what about the magical mushrooms & toadstools to really set the scene?

And wouldn’t it be nice if you could get right down and close to these mushrooms to get a true fairy’s eye view!?

This pack provides 16 high quality, organic meshes and very high resolution texture/bump maps to make this possible with 3 species of fungi that are iconic within the fairytale genre;

Fly Agaric – The most distinctive, and most recognised of all mushrooms, with it’s distinctive bright red cap and white spots, it’s the mainstay of most fairytale illustrations! In this pack you have 6 versions of this beautiful mushroom, from the bulbous, young growth to the typical domed shape, to the fully opened and slightly inverted ‘platform’ type. Each has it’s own unique and natural looking bends and deformations!
The Toadstool – Most noted for it’s appearance in woodland and ancient pasture, normally arranged in rings, sometimes huge in diameter, sometimes smaller and occasionally overlapping each other, they are full of mystery and enchantment! – every fairy’s favourite hiding place! 5 versions are provided, from the very delicate & pointed caps, to the wide open and more bulbous variety, with lots of little bends and deforms in between!
Liberty Cap (Magic Mushroom) – This notorious yet delicate little mushroom is more elusive, and has been part of fae-folk-lore for eons! – Noted for its hallucinogenic properties, these little fungi have been the inspiration for (and subject of) many a magical tale! – remember ‘Alice In Wonderland’!? 🙂 5 variants are provided here!


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