Wood Inn

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Through the wicked woods, weary travellers come upon a little wood Inn. The front door is open, and a flaming light shines through the windows as the moon rises behind it. What mysteries and magic might be found within its ancient walls?

Wood Inn is incredibly detailed for close-up renders. It was modelled after real medieval lodges in Germany, and the textures were taken directly from these medieval Inns. You will never get a more realistic model than this, and it is perfect for fantasy and historical renders. Included are 18 photo realistic textures based on real medieval homes. With the 10 included morphs: open windows, open doors, etc, you can bend and twist the entire building to give it that truly old look of leaning medieval structures, which crook and sag over the centuries. There are 4 cutaway models included for easy lighting and camera positioning of the detailed interiors; and a model of the Inn as if it is under construction with scaffolding and boards. There is a Inn sign to hang over the front door and worn stone door steps. The detailed interior includes a fire place, and 3 floors with ladders and railings.

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