Wolverine Pikes

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QuadSpinner brings you the territory where epic tales are born, where man’s will to succeed rises beyond the harsh conditions he faces. Wolverine Pikes foreshadows danger, a frigid scape where only the most skilled and determined survive.
Wolverine Pikes features:
Integration of 2 different hand-sculpted terrains – one with flow map and the other a fractal distribution map
Uniquely specialized cloud layer that is both dense and transparent
High altitude cumulus
Early morning atmosphere
Unconventional composition and camera angle
Pre-animated clouds! You don’t even need to animate camera with this soft yet dramatic detail.
Platform for multiple story opportunities, for example – an opening shot to a long camera run that drops below the cloud line to reveal another world
This arctic scene was inspired by aerial views of the Cascade Range in the US Pacific Northwest.


Eco System Pack Vol 1
Volcanic Remains - Terrain Pack

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