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Get a wide range of sneaker styles with a single conforming sneaker set, including morphs to change the soles from traditional wrapped soles to modern foam soles with rolled toes. The sneakers come with a complete set of morphs for all the major shapes available in Genesis.

6 styles complete with alternate worn versions, from Old school to modern dragonfly – these will give you plenty of options. Included with this set is also a pair of conforming socks, complete with morphs and textures to turn them into 3 different sock heights from ankle, to shin, to knee high socks, and texture sets to make them white, grey, or black. Also included is a set of separate liners which can be conformed to the sneakers, so if you have a need to have some sneakers lying around in your scenes these will do the job.



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V4 Sport-Trainer Shoe Pack


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    April 4, 2013

    i’m mildly obsessed with getting good shoes for genesis, so i appreciate this share very much. thank you!

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