Winter Wonder

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This package consists of variations of a winter wonderland deep in a forest. Textures for the Woodland Realm Playsets consist of 1 3800 x 1600 wall maps, 1 floor map, 1 tree trunk texture and 10 foliage textures with trans maps.

1 3000×1600 Woodland Real Playset Wall texture.
1 3100×2500 cyclorama map.
1 750×1500 tree trunk texture.
1 10 foliage textures with trans maps.
4 Woodland Realm Playset environments preloaded onto 4 pre-sized cr2’s.
1 Cyclorama environment preloaded onto 1 pre-sized cr2.
1 camera setting to optimize the view of the Winter Wonder Cyclorama.

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Multiplane Cyclorama


SNOW MOTION for Multiplane Cyclorama
Hot Lines - Hostess

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