Wicca-The Spell caster

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Wicca, the new 3D witch character for V3 can be the most beatiful and lovely witch around, but the hateful one too.

She?s the newest mega-pack brought to you by Illu-sion to get you caught into Wicca magic spells.

She?s the most sensual and voluptuous witch around, but she can be dangerous too!
Full character with amazing photorealistic textures!!
She comes with a wonderful outfit composed by hat, witchy dress and amazing sexy shoes.
You can also enjoy a big amount of props included in the package, all of them halloween related props:
Broom, Spell book with old wood Desk support, amazing cauldron with bonfire and tripod, mortar, candelabra with candle
and a beatiful Jack of Lantern with candle inside.
Besides, you could play with the different textures for the outfit included in this magic mega pack.


Sylvan Jewels for the MFD V3-A3

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