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WAR HAMMER, a texture and pose set for DAZ 3D’s Commander Model. Increase this great model?s versatility and fill its detailed interior with life, or death, the choice is yours. War Hammer comes with 77 male poses, 75 female poses, and 23 couple poses split between all Commander station and includes medical, wounded and firefight poses for V3, V4, A4, the Girl 4, M3, M4, and H4. This pack also includes two full textures for the Commander as well as uniform textures for M3?s MOS Invasion Jumpsuit, V3?s MOS Liberator Jumpsuit, M4 Bodysuit and V4.2 Bodysuit. New hand Prop files for M4 and V3 in order to utilize DAZ 3D?s ?The Firearms Pack? (V4 and M3 files are included in Firearms Pack). Even working blast door props for the Commander?s window sections. It?s time to bring the Commander to life? time to bring down the hammer!

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Commander http://3d-stuff.ru/commander/


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