Walk With Purpose Poses for Genesis

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Walk With Purpose provides a variety of walking poses for your Genesis figures. These rotation only poses allow them to be used with all your Genesis figures with only minor tweaks and adjustment for different footwear. Because there is no translation data or morph information, you can be confident that they will not suddenly shift your character to a different location or change the morphs you have already applied. Most the poses include alternate mirrored poses. The poses load with either a flat foot or a heel, there is partial hand poses too. There are also Quick load crowd and couple presets, loading 6 standard Genesis characters already positioned in a crowd type scene.

Works with all version of Genesis including Genesis, Genesis 2 Male(s), Genesis 2 Female(s), Victoria 5, Victoria 6, Michael 6, Michael 5, and others with minor tweaks for various footwear options.



Elevator Hallway
Tyrnea-raheal for Royal Elf

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