Voodoo Magic Poses for V4.2 and V5

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From the depths of the bayou to the glittering city of New Orleans and beyond, the magic of voodoo enthralls the curious and ensnares the imagination. Conjure the power of Louisiana Voodoo into your Runtime with this set of 20 poses rooted in the tradition and the history of this evocative and visceral spirituality.

These poses were designed to work with Maman Brijit, a premiere 3D model, but will easily work with other outfits.

Also included in this set is a chalk Veve prop for calling to the Loas (aiding spirits who are the go-betweens for humans and the divine.) Appeal to Maman Brijit, Baron Samedi, Damballah, Ayizan, Legba and Ogoun with their individual veves. But beware, the Loas are fickle and tricky and may not grant the wish you asked for.

20 Single stance poses each for Victoria 4.2,Genesis Basic Female, and Vicky 5 (.DUF and .PZ2)
01 Appealing LH Staff
02 Appealing RH Staff
03 Salute RH (for use with Maman Brijit Hat, but with adjustment will work with many brimmed hats)
04 Salute LH (for use with Maman Brijit Hat, but with adjustment will work with many brimmed hats)
05 Hexing RH
06 Hexing LH
07 Casting a Veve RH
08 Casting a Veve LH
09 Invocation LH
10 Invocation RH
11 Entranced Right Step
12 Entranced Left Step
13 Enthralled Right Step Back
14 Enthralled Left Step Back
15 Summoning Loa Right
16 Summoning Loa Left
17 Supplication LH Staff
18 Supplication RH Staff
19 Divining Left
20 Divining Right
8 Pose presets to move Maman Brijit staff to position to fit Poses 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 05, 17, 18 for V4.2, V5, and Basic Female.
1 Chalk Veve Prop (.DUF, .PP2 and .OBJ)
01 Veve of Maman Brijit
02 Veve of Baron Samedi
03 Veve of Damballah
04 Veve of Ayizan
05 Veve of Legba
06 Veve of OgounX Character
Textures Include:
6 Texture, Transparency, and Displacement Maps (3000 x 3000)
DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DUF)
Poser Material Presets (.MC6)


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