“VOGEL ZWEI Package” (for Poser 4.01 and up)

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This product has not been tested in DAZ Studio. WON’T RUN UNLESS YOU HAVE “VOGEL EINZ Package” INSTALLED! FIRST TIME VISITORS: Please, get yourselves familiar with “VOGEL EINZPackage”

“VOGEL ZWEI Package” (for Poser 4.01 and up) If you loved “VOGEL EINZ Package”, you SURE gonna LOVE this one! “VOGEL ZWEI Package” is an expansion of “VOGEL EINZ Package”. Both were created at the same time so you can count on seamless integration. After installation, you will have over 33MB (when unzipped) of additional material to explore. You will find more figures in your “Character:VOGEL EINZ” folder: BRUNO SCHWARTZ (black SS guard uniform with k-98, bayonet and 3 ammo pouches) FRITZ LUFT (blue Luftwaffe uniform and field hat with k-98, bayonet and 3 ammo pouches,HANS poses will fit) GUNTHER ZOSSEN (camo blouse with 1st Class Sniper patch, mountain hat with Jager patch,sniper k-98 with mounted optics. Pose folder provided) HELMUT RATZ (Afrika Korps khaki uniform and helmet with Desert Rats Gebirgsjager patch and standard equipment. HANS poses will fit) JOHANN DARM (Wehrmacht Feldgendarmerie uniform with police chest plate,MP-40 and ammo pouch, and stop sign. Pose folder provided) KARL FALSCH (fallschirmjager helmet, cover and camo uniform with MP-40, stielhandgranate and light gear. KARL poses will fit) OTTO WEIS (winter camo uniform with white helmet cover and Waffen Edelweiss patch, armed with StuG-44, light equipment. OTTO poses will fit) In your “Pose:VOGEL EINZ EXTRA” folder you will find 5 faces to choose from. By clicking on their thumbnails you will instantly apply facial morphs and textures to your soldiers. There you will find poses for “FeldFu B43” field radio prop which loads from your “VOGEL GEAR” prop folder right onto soldier’s back (parent to chest). If you are using soldiers with k-98, no additional weapon posing will be needed. Several morphs are provided; a soldier can carry the radio, talk into the microphone or only listen through headphones while other soldier is talking-listening while standing beside him. The poses are provided. You can extend-collapse the antenna as well. The MG-42 machinegun is a detailed prop with detachable legs (“props:VOGEL RIFLE” folder). Parent the ammo drum or ammo belt (with morphs) leading to ammo box (open-close morph). Parent the provided muzzleflash to any weapon for firing scenes. You can place the ammo belt on a soldier as shown in promotional image above. Poses are provided for machinegunner (attacking, in bunker, at MG post etc.) “Props:VOGEL GEAR” folder has a “WOUNDED” prop which consists of a morphing field stretcher and a wounded soldier (non-morphing prop). The soldier loads laying on the stretcher, with bandaged head and extremities. By clicking on body parts in Material Room you can load “SOLDATWO.jpg” (wornout) texture if you don’t want bandages showing on certain body parts. Medic helmets are provided, as well as stretcher carrying poses (Pose:VOGEL HANS folder). Four field hats are included (Wehrmacht, Waffen SS, Black SS and Luftwaffe). Four mountain hats also (Wehrmacht,Waffen SS, Afrika Korps and Mountain Jager). The “Panzerfaust” anti-armor projectile louncher is included (props:StuG-44 folder). Its morphs will AIM and FIRE the Panzerfaust so you can see the flight of the projectile. In the same prop folder you will find a sidearm (“LUGE POWER” with spare clips, bullets, spent casings and a morphing holster)designed for JOHANN DARM but it can be parented to any character. Hand pose is included. Please, remeber to parent new props when loading, deleting props or making changes to soldier appearence so new props will move with the soldier during posing. All weapons are parented to Right Hand by default. For details please, refer to your “FIELD MANUAL PART TWO” in “VOGEL ZWEI Read Me!.txt” In your props:VOGEL TERRAIN folder you will find a lot of new props. All of them load to their preset positions to depict German Headquarters building with a huge yard as an expansion of “Mangleville”. A sentry house, ramp (lift morph), MG positions made of sandbags, concrete bunker, flags, barbwire rolls, gas barrel etc. Of course, VOGEL Packages are designed to accomodate TIGER TANK Package.

Product Requirements: VOGEL EINZ Package



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