Virtual Backlot ? Cathedral Creation Kit

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Basic building elements include:
* Three ‘square’ blocks with posable floor, side and rear walls, as well as unique railings
that can be made invisible as required.
* Three ‘balcony’ type sections for use with two or three story configurations. Each figure
is modeled after historical structures.
* Four ‘wall’ figures with added detail. These wall figures are designed to complement the
three sqare blocks. These include a blank wall, a stained glass window wall, an alcove
wall, and a wall with 2 posable double door.
* Two sizes of floors, a square floor, sized to the ‘square’ figures, and a rectangular floor figure.
* A ‘Cell’ figure for use with the ‘square’ figure. The addition of this figure quickly turns
an open block into a massive cell.

Enhanced building elements include:
* A rounded Chancery figure, complete with matching floor and altar section.
* A Transcept figure, to add more sections and detail to your structure.
* Two chancel arches and a choir screen, for added detail and depth of scene.
* A highly detailed front section, with massive stained glass windows and posable doors.
* Two staircase figures, one right hand, one left hand, complete with stained glass windows,
massive staircases, and various alcoves. These figures alone can create an impressive backdrop.
* Arched roof sections with various flag and banner textures.

Accessory elements include:
* A pew with four different textures, to eliminate repetition in your renders.
* A wall mounted banner / flag with four textures.
* A long wall mounted pennant / flag with 5 textures.
* Two styles of candleabras, each with individual morphing candles and flames. Both
candleabras have adjustable center poles for height changes. One candleabra has a
morph to change a central candle into a cross.
* A large ornate cross figure.
* A banner / flag holder with adjustable center pole.
* An ornate bench with morph to convert to a chair.


Movie Sets, City Block Eight


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