Vindicator Suit

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Vindicator is a sexy, sleek, saucy catsuit that no V4 character can do without. This outfit is very detailed, very versatile, and works with V4, A4, or G4.

Includes the following:

  • Vindicator Catsuit (.cr2 and .obj)
  • Vindicator Boots, L & R (.cr2 and .obj)

Included are two texture sets … a black leather and metal texture and a very cool beige and black leather combination. There are also “sleeveless” options for each one that give it a whole new look. Textures also include specular and bump maps. Mat pose files to apply all textures are included, and a mat pose/morph to apply to the feet of your character when wearing the Vindicator Boots.

The Vindicator Boots include a special morph by default to use when using them with the catsuit. If you want to wear them alone, you can dial down the adjustment morphs for the boots.

A mat pose is included to apply to the feet of your character. It is necessary to apply this mat pose in order for the feet to fit in the boot and also will help with posing, in most cases, with a minimum of adjustment.


Nite Watcher - Vindicator Suit
SEPARATING for Corset Collection 2 by Powerage

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