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Veepster Car Model for Poser
Veepster Car Model for Poser Inspired by the design stylings of the Chevrolet Impala and Alero and Lumina, Ford Taurus, Nissan Maxima and Sentra, and the Pontiac Grand Am, this vehicle is more than just an average car. This car model includes more features than you can throw a stick at:

opening and closing hood (with a very basic engine)
opening and closing trunk (with an open space for storage)
opening and closing right and left front and back passenger doors
opening and closing gas tank door (with basic gas cap)
removable tires (that`s right: the tires can be pulled off of the car!)
removable front seats (yes, they can be removed from the car also!)
removable license plates (front and back)
pose files to hide the front plate when it`s not required
flat tire morphs on all 4 wheels
animatable tires (they can turn freely for animation projects)
crash morph (one for the front and one for the back)
sun roof (with cover): hide the cover to show the tinted sunroof or hide the sunroof to let in the sun light (poses are included to turn these on and off)
spoiler which can be hidden or shown
license plate is nicely uv mapped: use the included textures (3 Florida state license plates and 1 Maryland state license plate) or make your own This product includes:
ONE model: (1) obj and cr2
Police color-scheme: ONE (1) texture set, ONE (1) lightbar prop, and FIVE (5) poses to recolor the lightbar
Taxi color-scheme: ONE (1) texture set and ONE (1) lightbar prop
Racing color-scheme: TWO (2) texture sets: Black “3” and Red “8”
THREE (3) solid color-schemes: red, white, and dark blue
numerous poses to hide, show, adjust, and recolor the various parts Look for the FREE license plate add on pack. Some of its many uses include:
family car/ sedan (pick up the kids, get groceries, etc)
police car
race car
taxi cab
getaway car (robbing banks is not encouraged)

Model Created by JHoagland


Veepster: Cops & Racers

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