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Veepster Cops & Racers Add-0n for Veepster Model
Are you a Good Guy or a Bad Girl? The choice is yours with this texture expansion set for The Veepster.

Featuring accurate textures (and MAT poses) for 4 police cars and 4 racers:

-Highway Patrol -NYPD -British -European -US Custom -Purple Meanie -Yellow Burn -Krazy Kustom

Also includes a safety “cage” prop (obj/ pp2) keep your virtual villians nice and secure.

Plus that`s not all. Included with this set is an overlay which allows you to turn the fast and furious style street racers into American nascar/muscle style racing cars. All you need to do is add the desired number and you have an instant race car.

Please note: the overlay features puesdo-sponsors logos and not actual manufacturers for copyright reasons. This works in any paint software that supports “paste by transparent image”, and does not require layers or anything complex.

Model Created for by JHoagland

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Veepster Action
Veepster (for Poser)

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