Vaya – SAV Dragon Lady

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Vaya – Dragon Lady outfit is a highly ritch texures expansion for the outfit.
It’s a very versatile package featuring:

Runtime Pose folder containing:
7 MAT Poses for the Dress
7 MAT Poses for the Sleeves
7 MAT Poses for the Pantie
7 MAT Poses for the Dress ribbon
7 MAT Poses for the Sleeves ribbon
3 MAT Metals for the Dress pin

Runtime Textures folder containing:
7 Textures for the Dress
7 Textures for the Sleeves
7 Textures for the Pantie
2 Transparancy maps for the Dress
1 Transparancy maps for the Sleeves
2 Reflection maps

SAV Dragon Lady Outfit by StudioArtVartanian

Promotional Credits:
Vanila by Godin
Dragon Lady Hair by StudioArtVartanian
PHC: Dragon Lady Hair by P3D.Art
Artissane Jewels & Bangles by Fabiana
ElfenShed by RPublishing, Danie, Marforno
? by P3D.Art: Thank you for your interests!

Required: Link to post:
SAV Dragon Lady outfit


SAVll Electra & Dragon Lady Outfit Pose Expanssion
SV's Fantasy Circlets 02

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