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She’s sassy, sexy, sad, playful, endearing, and thoughtful. She breathes life into a render, and thats the artistic goal to strive for.

Vanilla Sky V Four?is the first in a series of brand new era of skin texturing at Runtime DNA. A highly detailed skin texture and character, Vanilla Sky is optimized to utilize the latest technology in Poser by employing an advanced shader system, high resolution digital photography, with mapping that is detailed, effective, and very real.

With two years of development time,?techniques were employed to take digital photography to the highest level of realism without losing rendering detail. In combination with shader technology that enhances the texture, the ability to render a figure inside Poser with outstanding results is the motivation behind the entire package. It isn’t necessary to create giant maps with very little detail, a medium sized map, highly detailed, is every bit as effective, and more so.

When creating a texture with this level of realism, special care is taken to make sure all the blend zones match, are correct, and the details follow themselves all over the body. Vanilla Sky is very exciting because it offers Poser users at all skill levels an opportunity to render with detail at every level.

The work involved being able to blend realism into Poser?so any user, at any level, wanting any kind of look. The entire premise of creating textures and characters for Poser is to advertise them rendering only in Poser. All hair used on the figure is Poser hair, and the lighting, shaders, backgrounds, and any other part of the Render is created solely in Poser. The attitude is a “yes you can” concept, showing that you can achieve that look yourself, instead of buying something that never ever comes close to the advertisement. There is no composite magazine hair on any render, and no blending of photos with the actual final renders.

Vanilla Sky is about the overall package.?Not just a skin, not just a shader, not just Poser lights. Its about a character that comes to life before your eyes. A creator should grace a figure with the human characteristics that are tuly the realism or fantasy that makes the soul shine through.

PD Yuna
Zoeey for Kiki/Posey


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