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In 2010, we released the successful Vanilla Sky package for V4, a render favorite owing its success to the members of the entire community who latched on to a new and very different style for Poser and DAZ skin.

With the advent of Sub Surface Scattering in the new Poser 9/Poser 2012 software, how could we rebuild Vanilla? She was a groundbreaking experiment in chocking fine specular detail into a texture map, along with shaders that would mimic SSS which was unavailable in Poser at that time.

When the Oxygen Texture/Character set became available, we knew we had the basis for Vanilla, so where to start? After careful testing, we realized we had to rebuild parts of the texture, without losing detail, in an effort to remove the grainy specularity that made it so popular in earlier versions of Poser. So from head to toe, we infused a little color into her, evened and smoothed skin tones, while keeping some of the most significant and memorable characteristics that made Vanilla, “Vanilla Sky”. We tweaked the SSS to a subtle perfection, no overglow, no fake orangy red built into the main texture, instead a very natural skin, with natural detail in a soft, realistic way. It takes a little work to get SSS to do what you want it to, it required a study of IDL Studio 2 and the idea of color being gathered and infused. It required a better understanding of the role of lighting and posing. So we worked, and worked, and then worked some more. For us, Vanilla is reborn.

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Vanilla Sky for V4


FW Lindsay for Victoria 4.2 / V 4
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    February 2, 2013

    Thanks for one of the best textures out there!

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