Vampire Hunting Kit

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course a blessed cross to carry around for personal protection against any breed is always near at hand, while a snack or two of whole garlic cloves keeps away the Pharyngian and the Daztrophic variants. And my favorite stake is a wonderfully carved shaft of red oak, with a heavy mallet to drive the point home.

“Hmm? Actually, yes, I have a burlwood stake, as well as a white oak and a dark, rich cherry one, for those other breeds. I have holy water to saturate the Apostaphus breeds, and both rice and salt for the Endrophageos to count before they can attack me. And just in case, I have my copy of the Guide with me at all times, in case I run into one of the rarer breeds.

“No, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the Igoracus breed. And… hm, it’s not in the Guide. Why do you ask?”

Vampire hunitng props (.PP2)

three base stakes
one main stake
three phials
the book
clove of garlic


Modern Modules
Mould for M4

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