Vampire Frida by Vampiros Hermosos

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?Esta es la medianoche, sabe usted d?nde su vampiro esta? *

?Roswell, New Mexico, October 31, 1955. I?m in a roadhouse, this girl comes over. Mexican. She had an accent, anyway. Got kind of a funny color to her. Funny how? I don?t know, just funny.
Still, she looked good, and right away I?m thinkin?, hey, you know? She touches my hand, and she?s cold as an ice cube?s frigidaire. I says darlin?, let?s get you warmed up. Well sir, we kindly head out to the parking lot, that?s all I remember. I ain?t been right since. Hell of a woman, though.? – Arville C. Cooney, State Nervous Hospital, Gallup NM.

Introducing Vampire Frida?, the stunning new creature of the night from Vampiros Hermosos?. This sexy blue bombshell rules a 1950s world of vampires, flying saucers, giant ants, little green men and rock and roll. She?s crazy, daddy-o.

Custom shaped by Tony Puryear and Damsel1, creators of the best-selling Ninja Setsuko?, Frida?s custom skins come in four frosty flavors with four scary variations apiece, including sexy vampire veins! Hammer and stake props included.

Let Vampire Frida get under your skin today!

* It’s midnight, do you know where your vampire is?

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