Valkyrie Poses for Shieldmaiden

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Bring the Valkyrie’s beauty and power to your 3D runtime with this set of action poses. There are 10 single stance poses and 5 two-model vignettes with the DAZ Horse 2 that utilize the props found in the Shieldmaiden for Genesis and Shieldmaiden for Genesis 2 Females collections.

Valkyrie Poses for Shieldmaiden:
10 single stance poses for Genesis Basic Female and Genesis 2 Females.
01 Confidence
02 Battle Ready
03 Attack
04 Checking the Blade
05 Poised
06 Cornered
07 Charge
08 Wary
09 Ready to Ambush
10 Striding
3 Wearable presets to load props to proper position for posing.
00 Load RH Sword to Position
00 Shield to Right Hand (for use in Pose # 01)
04 Shield Load to Position
Various poses for the shield and the scabbard to move the prop to its best position for a pose.
5 two model vignette poses for either Genesis Basic Female or Genesis 2 Females (labeled “A”) with the DAZ Horse 2 (labeled “B”.)
11 A & B Leaping
12 A & B Attack to the Left
13 A & B Attack to the Right
14 A & B Into Battle
15 A & B Ushering the Charge

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DAZ Horse 2 Pro Bundle
Shieldmaiden for Genesis 2 Female(s)


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