Valentina’s Lingerie

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Valentina Lingerie is a very nice Underwear Set for V4 A4 S4 G4 and Angel.
Including Morph++, JCM-JSM Morphs and CrossTalk function for all Pieces. Strapsbelt have special Morphs for the Bands.

This package contained:

1 Conforming Bustier
1 Conforming Slip
1 Conforming StrapsBelt
1 Conforming Stockings

1 Conforming Bustier CrossTalk
1 Conforming Slip CrossTalk
1 Conforming StrapsBelt CrossTalk
1 Conforming Stockings CrossTalk

6 Mat Poses for the Bustier
6 Mat Poses for the Slip
6 Mat Poses for the StrapsBelt
6 Mat Poses for the Stockings


ToXic Amber
Merlin's Medieval Axes

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