V4 KunoichiSuit Set

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Content of set – Suit Thights Gauntlet Legs Blade(Parent Blade Props) *All Conforming Figure – Inculded FBM – BodyBuilder Voluptuous BreastsSize BreastsLarge BreastsHangForward BreastsCleavage WaistWidth TummyOut ArmSize HipsSize GlutesSize – Inculded JCM – JCMCollarBendR JCMCollarBendL JCMThighBendFrontR JCMThighBendFrontL JCMKneeBendR JCMKneeBendL – Extra Morph – lBreastOpen rBreastOpen (Inculded Suit FBM) FrontUp RearUp (Inculded Suit Hip) – 2 Collor MAT Poses – Black & Red Blue & White


Kunoichi Silk Attack
FASHIONWAVE Bodycult Volume 5 - Armcandy

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