Urban Samurai

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Urban Samurai by Chexm1x

For Poser 6, 7, Pro and 8
Not tested on DS
Not supported (but may work) on DS or other version of Poser



Sword Sheath
Sheath Rope
Leaf Earrings
Square Jade Earrings
Eye Piercing

This set includeds ONE texture set which includes Metal, Gem, Rope and Blade

Important Notes:

Some items are oversized, such as the headpiece, to allow for use with many different third party hair props. X-Y-Z scale should be used to size it appropriately

The Sword and related accessories are oversized for Anime style images. Use Scale to size appropriately for your image

The choker is designed to fit V4 with no morphs loaded. Use X-Y-Z Scale to size appropriately for your model/morphs

Promo images include these items, not included in this package:

Clothing by Thorne/Sarsa (Elfin, DAZ3D), Chexm1x (Elixer, RMP)
Hair, V4 and V4 Morphs/textures

Promo images rendered in Poser 8 with no postwork

All textures from other Chexm1x sets will work just fine with Urban Samurai


M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank

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