Urban Heroine for ShadowDancer

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Urban Heroine is a detailed texture expansion for the Shadow Dancer meshes available at DAZ. Primarily hand-painted, special attention has been paid to realistic wear and tear, dirt, stitching, and material properties. Where appropriate, opacity, true bump, displacement, and true specularity maps have been provided to enhance the diffuse maps.

Your average urban fantasy heroine has no time for laundry or shopping for a matchy-matchy monster-slaying outfit. Nope, she’s gotta forage in abandoned Wal-Marts and shopping malls for her hunting kit, and that’s the idea behind this project. I wanted to paint maps that suggest history, even personality; this is a character who doesn’t mind a little dried blood on a gun she’s drawn and replaced so often it’s beginning to wear through its holster. She’s splashed through mud, caught her designer jeans on barbed wire, has even been known to sweat.

Poser 6+, DAZ|Studio 3+, or any engine capable of rendering displacement, bump, and specularity maps.


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Shadow Dancer for V4 http://3d-stuff.ru/shadow-dancer-for-v4/


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