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“Ultimate Natural for Victoria 6 Body” is a set of MCMs and JCMs to enhance the way Victoria 6’s arms/legs bend to appear more natural and realistic. All the individual JCMs and MCMs were sculpted specifically to support Victoria 6 body shape.

Once you start to pose her, you will see the difference immediately.

With Pose Controls for Arms, Victoria’s shoulders have more articulated definitions when her arms are down, and when she moves her arms up, you will see the beautifully sculpted armpit/breast definitions;she looks sexier than ever.The scapulas also move with up, forward and back arm movements to give her body a much higher degree of realism.

Most significantly, thigh bend JCMs will give Victoria 6 the most natural and beautiful buttock definitions you have ever seen. Now her buttocks bend like a real woman and she is utterly gorgeous and beautiful. The frontal pubis area is also sculpted to smooth out the creases and stretch the region along with the thigh movement, and the geo grafting anatomy integrates more naturally.

For pin-ups, portrait, artistic nude work, etc., “Ultimate Natural for Victoria 6 body” is a must-have add-on that will take your renders to a brilliant new height of realism.

“Ultimate Natural for Victoria 6 Body” is automatically engaged when you turn on Victoria 6 body shape.

The conforming clothes will fit to the movement automatically.

All the rendered images show examples of “Ultimate Natural for Victoria 6 Body” JCM/MCM set.

The facial morph used in the images are for demonstration only and is not included in this product.

Ultimate Natural for Victoria 6 Body
Arm Up (Left/Right)
Arm Down (Left/Right)
Arm Front (Left/Right)
Arm Back (Left/Right)
You can fine tune the poses with each body actor


Forearm bend (Left/Right)
Thigh bend (Left/Right)
Thigh Side-Side (Left/Right)
Shin bend (Left/Right)


Double Breasted Coat A

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