Ultimate Make-Up: Tribal for Genesis 8 Female

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While my Ultimate Make-Up set has you sorted for day-to-day make-ups, I thought it would be fun to produce a set of more imaginative looks – and ended up producing 3 diverse and yet matching make-ups sets covering Fantasy, Tribal and Sci-Fi looks.

Each set contains a minimum 50 designs and 50 color sets – the design specifies where the make-up is applied and each has a preset color set to match. You can then select any of the 50 plus color sets to vary the appearance, giving at least 2500 different combinations.

What is more, each of the three sets works in the same way, so the more you have, the more variety you get! Combine the designs from one set with the color sets from another set (all are different) – if you have all three sets, you will have over 22,500 possible combinations (and no, I haven’t tried them all!).

I am the first to admit that some combinations will look better than others, but you are sure to find your own favourite unique combinations. What is more, you can fine tune these to suit your character and your scene – each set has several options to brighten or darken the make-up, apply a color tint to enhance or soften particular colors and fade options to give a more subtle result.

The focus of these sets is on facial ornamentation which sometimes cross the lips and this is included in the presets where required. I have also given the option to turn on and off the lips independently and control the depth of color and shine on the lips.

While the glossy and metallic options were mostly intended for use with the Sci-Fi set, I have included them in all of the sets to give further choices to customize the look of your make-up selections.

The Tribal set features bold finger painted designs, with deliberate imperfections and asymmetry, while the Tribal Colors focus on strong primary colors, bold gradients and effects.

These sets can be used with any of your existing or future Genesis 8 Females to give them limitless new looks (or any Genesis 3 Female which uses the default UVs) and as it uses the diffuse overlay channel, you can either use face textures which have the eyebrows built-in, or use separate fibermesh brows, including my own Ultimate Eyebrows.


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Ultimate Make-Up: Sci-Fi for Genesis 8 Female

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