UkSoft’s 100 SIL U-30-A ge locomotive

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This is a U-30-a U-boat by GE, similar to what the SCL/L&N Railroadwas using before it
was scraped. I took great care to copy all of the important features some of them were
beaten up beyond being able to reconstruct. Mainly stuff like the pads between the
locomotives, the air hose section, and cab parts around the lights. You can easily
retexture this model and I have other paint schemes available, you can make your own
rail line paint scheme and apply it. This model is of my South Island Line Loco 100.
uncompressed 10.6MB

File placement:

Runtime – Libraries – Character – UkSoftTrains – 100SILU30A – 100-SIL-U30A.cr2
Runtime – Geometries – UkSoftTrains – 100SILU30A – 100.obj
Runtime – Geometries – UkSoftTrains – 100SILU3A – U30Atrucks.obj
Runtime – Textures – UkSoftTrains – 100SILU30A – 100sil.jpg


Download the 100SILU30A and then Download the trucks two pairs and place them, parent them
to the locomotive when they are placed in the wheel wells.

A three section lenght of track has been inculded and it matches the scale of the
Parkside trains which I have found is equal to mine. The Loco will also work with the
Parkside models same type hitch and hoses.

Enjoy and if you have a problem write me at [email protected]

I take no reponsibility this file will do to your computer, I have tested it fully with
DAZ Studio and Poser. With Poser you may have to rescale with some versions.

I am letting this model appear without charge on 3d-stuff, all rights reserved.




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