UkSoft Cars – 1955 Chevy Belair Series

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This is a Chevy Belair model, I have several series and years of this model. I have included
numerous textures so you can make a fleet of cars.

29.7 MB file size uncompressed


Download the car first, do not move it or reposition it. Then download the necessary
accessories to complete the car, do not move them either with the exception of tires.
The front tires may work as rear tires if you want a set of skinny tires on the car.
Then after downloading the acessories parent them to the car model, check for their
positions to make sure they are correct, if so you may move or rescale the model.

I will continue to make accessories for this series for download.

File placement:

Runtime – Libraries – Character – UkSoftCars – 1955Belair – 1955belairObjects.cr2
Runtime – Geometries – UkSoftCars – 1955Belair – 1955belair-models.obj
Runtime – Textures – UkSoftCars – 1955Belair – belairTextures.jpg

After you have downloaded the model and it’s acessories and parented them to the model
you may move the model or rescale it.

Enjoy and if you have a problem write me at [email protected]

I take no reponsibility this file will do to your computer, I have tested it fully with
DAZ Studio and Poser. With Poser you may have to rescale with some versions.

I am letting this model appear without charge on 3d-stuff, all rights reserved. Feel free
to use it in commercial or private renders.

A little about this model, it was designed as a car in a popular game by my company, we were
not excepted as the winner in the bid either due to some smallflaw or the price of the
model, I retained the model and started using it with my DAZ Studio, I currently do updates
to the model so it is constantly changing. You may want to save this particular version
for history of your model library.


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