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Fly wherever you want in your own private jet. This highly detailed airplane is scaled to fit V4 and M4.
It contains a very detailed cockpit, and 3 different passenger cabin interiors to choose from. There are 2?airplane designs included as seen in the promo images, and of course the templates to make your own.

The model is based on a real business jet which is one of the most modern and luxurious jets for sale.
It’s one of the first business jets to feature a full composite airframe.

There are a lot of movable parts which can be moved via easy to use parameter dials:
-Open main door
-Rotate engines
-Rotate wheels

Cockpit and flight controls:
-Left pilot seat for/backwards.
-Right pilot seat for/backwards.
-Pitch up/down. (Moves the elevators and the pilot controls)
-Bank left/right. (Moves the ailerons and the pilot controls)
-Steer left/right. (Moves the rudder, landing gear front wheel and the pilot controls)
-Deflect flaps. (moves the flaps and the pilot controls)
-Lower landing gear. (lowers the landing gear realisticly for animation, and the pilot controls)
-Move throttle. (only the handle in the cockpit)
-Emergency brake. (only the handle in the cockpit)
-Parking brake. (only the handle in the cockpit)

In the passenger cabin:
-The door to the lavatory can be opened.

Interior 1:
-The armrests on the walking path side can be moved
-The small tables can be opened

Interior 2 and 3:
-The bar doors can be opened.

In the materials library are the following material presets available:
-The 2 different exterior designs.
-5 different images for the cockpit screens. (landing approach, taxiing, normal flight, bank left/right)

In the lights library is 1 preset for the cabin lights.


Dark Oratory
Polygon International Airport


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    February 19, 2013

    Sorry, _Joe_

    I download this nice Jet, yesterday, and I forgott to Thank You.
    so Thank you, very much, It’s fit very well with The Airport……………….

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