Tropical villa, Bali

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Send your favorite characters on a relaxing holiday to the beautiful island of Bali.
This villa fulfills all their needs.

The model is inspired by the architectural style on this Indonesian island.
It’s fully furnished and ready to render.

As shown in the promotional images, the villa (base model) includes the following rooms:

-One large room that includes the living room, dining room and kitchen.
All kitchen cabinets can be opened.

-Toilet with a sink and a mirror.

-Small hall.


-Bathroom with double sink, a mirror and a bath.

-A gazebo in the garden.

All doors in the villa can be opened.
The windows of the Bathroom can be opened.
The backwall can be hidden.
The flowers floating on the bathwater can be hidden or partially hidden.
There is a dial to scale the villa to M4/V4 size.


Luxury Home
OLEO Restaurant


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