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Tribe is everything you need to make an epic scene!

Whether batlling with a rival tribe, practicing tribal worship, or creating a striking piece of artwork, Tribe is sure to fulfill your needs. The wall sections are incredibly versatile you can freely build your own structures, mix and match and reaarange for endless possibilites. Let your imagination run wild! This is the beginning of an ongoing series I will support with characters, props and structures. I’ve been using a similar theme in the production of my Anikah Warrior Empress of Nah graphic novel. This is a derivation of that – it’s a story about an empress from a distant planet trapped on Earth. I’m sure you’ll come up with your own unique story, so in the future you can expect huts, bows and arrows, trees, vines and more all perfectly matching the tribal landscape.

Included in the package are 13 props, 79 poses, 2 mat poses (for a golden rhino in both Poser and D|S) 4 IBL light set ups ( 2 with ambient occulsion and 2 without), 2 camera set ups, and 2 pre-set scenes.

Product Requirements

Poser 6/7/8 Daz studio 2.3/3 V 4.2 / M4 / Daz Rhino



Rite of Passage
Lil B Poses 1


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    July 31, 2013

    Thanks for this , it is cool as well 🙂

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