Transpond Modualz Architecture Vol 1

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Like to build your own? Well here is a stock library of building parts ready for you to do just that! Take the scene into your own hands and build what you need. Modeled by Transpond’s Chris and Textured/Modual-ized by Traveler of Modualz (With plenty of support by Judith!) This set combines the Transpond quality of modeling with the mix and match use of Modualz.
6 Arch / Arch Wall Options
6 Column Options
2 Coving Elements
3 Stone Elements
2 Floors with Modeled in Tiles!
2 Pavillions
3 Railing Options
3 Tunnel Sections
8 Wall Sections
3 Window Walls


Transpond Architecture Vol 2
The Boss by adamthwaites

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