Transpond Architecture Vol 3

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Like to build your own? Well here is a stock library of building parts ready for you to do just that! Take the scene into your own hands and build what you need. Modeled by Transpond’s Chris , Modual-ized by Traveler of Modualz, and Richly textured by Judith, This set combines the Transpond quality of modeling with the mix and match use of Modualz.
“Ey, there are places out there in the ruins where the dark things crawl…. I won’t go out there, nor will my men. If you wish to adventure there, ye will be going alone…..” – Captain Morgan BloodAxe, Commander of the Skull Company
Vine Element
5 Arch Elements with Alternate Textures
6 Curved Wall Elements with Mirrored Versions and Alternate Textures
3 Entrances with Alternate Textures
10 Pillars with Alternate Textures
11 Step Elements with Mirrored Versions and with Alternate Textures Where needed
8 Wall Elements with Mirrored Versions and Alternate Textures
6 Prefab Structures, ready to use in any scene!
130 Prop Files in Total!
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AJ Medical Bay
Transpond Architecture Vol 2

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