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With a taste of the old west this product is packed with details. One of the secrets of a realistic model is the materials, and this product is full of them. The Windmill Tower alone has 8 different wood maps applied to it. Having more than one texture in the similar vein adds subtle variances that are at first, not noticeable but it just looks right. Look at the train tracks and you will see there are several different maps applied to the ties for that same realistic look.

Nature always has very subtle differences in color as well as texture. You can change the color of the trim as seen on the Pump House Shed. All of my materials are UVW mapped to the models so if you have a map that is similar in size and dimensions you can change the materials as well. The variations are only limited by your imagination. This set includes the following. 1 Maintenance shed with working doors 1 windmill with pump house 1 hand truck 4 wooden barrels 1 burn barrel 22 crates 1 horse trough with hitching post 1 rope spool 1 rail section 1 wire spool 1 train wheel 1 outhouse with working door 1 power pole with wires transformer and guide wire 1 water tank with movable engine fill pipe and movable water level 1 pile of split wood logs 1 pile of 15 extra rail road ties 2 straight sections of train track 1 left hand curved train track 22.5 degree turn 1 right hand curved train track 22.5 degree turn I also included the .obj files so you can use it in other programs. The prop loads as one object so everything is in it’s proper place. You can save each object as it’s own prop for later use. All content by Dreamland Models. Pumas, truck, trees, Box cars, flat cars, sky, mountain, Butters Bakery and grass not included for illustration purposes only.


This file has been sent by the user Desert Rat (US), thank him for it.

Sci-Fi Building Whitcomb Tower OBJ

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