1. Demonicum Supremis

    Digital Tutors – Working Quickly in Zbrush

    In this series of ZBrush tutorials, we will talk about a number of techniques you can use to speed up your ZBrush workflow. ZBrush is a powerful application but once you begin working with large models consisting of many subtools, the speed with which you can execute even simple tasks becomes even more important. In addition, each artist will often find different ways of setting up the interface or using tools that will enhance the particular way they like to work.
  2. Demonicum Supremis

    Creating Long Hair Using FiberMesh in ZBrush

    In this ZBrush tutorial we will learn how to quickly setup long hair using FiberMesh onto a simple base head. Until now hair inside of ZBrush has primarily been sculpted. Using the new FiberMesh system inside of ZBrush 4R3 we can take a simple base mesh and apply fibers to the model to create more realistic long hair. With the power of ZBrush these fibers can be quickly groomed to achieve a wide array of hair styles. This tutorial will cover some tips and tricks to help speed up usage with FiberMesh to get your models hair that salon look.

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