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Sharpen images, gaining unprecedented image clarity.
Rescue blurred images, recovering “lost” image detail.
Enhance subtle structure detail through micro-contrast enhancement.
Effortlessly refine image detail for a crisp, clear and vivid image.

Ability to restore color and detail (obscured by natural haziness) to image features.
Micro-contrast tools for fine detail enhancement.
Built with advanced deconvolution technology to help in reversing the effects of blur.
Estimate blur tool for unknown / complex blur types.
Targets four types of blur: generic, out-of-focus, straight motion and unknown.
Easily integrates into any part of your post-processing workflow.


Lil House
Alien Skin - EyeCandy 4000 and XenoFex


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    October 30, 2012

    Now this looks like something I need. Many thanks.

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