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Product Features:
-This model is made entirely of 3-point polygons.
-The detail in this model is “titanic” at over 550,000 polygons.
-All three Propellers can rotate.
The ERC dial on the BODY rotates all three propellers at same time as well as rotating the left and right propeller in opposite directions (to prevent the ship from pitching to one side).
-The rudder can move left and right (with an ERC dial on the BODY).

The model will load into the scene at full size, in relation to the Poser people. You can then move the ship down (or your people up) to create scenes of the people on the decks.
If you want to render a scene without people, simply reset the size of the Titanic model back to 100%.

Please keep in mind that this model was originally designed for distance shots. Although it has been tested to work fine in Poser, some textures may looked pixellated or blurred when viewed close-up.


Werts Morphs K4-M4-V4
Big Time Tools


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