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This product has not been tested in DAZ Studio. It’s another great package, my friends! This time it’s two beautiful guitars which I’ve lovingly named “GUITAR F” and “THUNDER62” Guitarists often refer to electric guitars as “AXES” and although you may not be a regular guitar hero in this Universe, there’s no reason why you couldn’t be one in our fabulous Poser Universe! These guitars have been crafted with attention to detail yet they are still light enough so they won’t hurt your resources. Each .obj file is about 1MB in size which is still quite bearable. The size of these promotional images can not convey attention to detailed and almost photographic quality of textures in this package. As you are accustomed to passion and dedication so evident in ThundeRRenderS products, you can be sure that these two beauties will simply glow with life in any of your scenes. There is not much setup needed at all! Both guitars render quickly and effortlessly under any lighting conditions. A great potential for customization has been provided as well as a lot of presets! The user-friendly and self-explanatory thumbnails in your “THUNDERR” Pose folder are truly nothing but a sheer delight to explore! Almost endless combinations of colors of individual guitar parts are surely bound to please even the pickiest ones among us. You can either mix and match the carefully chosen presets or independently alter colors of guitar parts and come up with a combination of your dreams! With or without tremolo (morph included) or an extra mid-humbucker (morph included) they still look great and you will be proud to display them in your renders.


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