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Set of conforming clothing inspired by XVII th century male outfit from legendary Three Musketeers Novel. The first is Athos? casual and worn clothing. Casual variant
is suitable for everyday Paris life while weary option is great for example for the siege days near La Rochelle. Athos is equipped with his trusty rapier and large
cavalry wheel lock pistol. Necessary part of Athos clothing is tabard of Royal Musketeers made as conforming or dynamic variant.

Included are:
Conforming Figures:
Jacket with 2 texture options
Breeches with 2 texture options
Boots (R and L)
Sash with 2 texture options
Shirt with 3 texture options
2 belts with bullet pouch
Baldric with rapier holder and sheath props
Boot Ribbons (R and L)
Gloves (R and L)
Conforming Musketeer Tabard

Dynamic Clothing Props:
Dynamic Musketeer Tabard
Dynamic Collar

Smart Props:
Hat with 2 texture options
Powder horn for either belt variant
Pistol for R and L hand
Pistol on belt
Rapier for R hand
Rapier in Sheat

2 light presets
3 body poses
3 hand poses
4 M4 hide/show poses

Clothing figures include following FBMs: bodybuilder, bulk, heavy, emaciated, superhero and various partial or fixing morphs.


Dynamic Hair Bundle
Power Barbarian V4/A4/G4/Elite/F4


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    February 22, 2013

    very cool…love it…thank you Vin

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