Three Musketeers – Aramis

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Included are:
Conforming Figures:

Doublet – 2 texture options
Breeches – 2 texture options
Bucket Boots (R and L) – 2 texture options
Buckle Shoes (R and L)
Socks (R and L)
Shirt – 3 texture options
Belts with scabbards for rapier and dagger (separate props)
Bandalier with arquebus accessories: belt loop, bullet pouch and powder horn (separate props)
Leg Ribbons (R and L) with bows (separate props)
Gloves (R and L) – 2 texture options
Conforming Musketeer Tabard

Dynamic Clothing Props:

Dynamic Musketeer Tabard
Dynamic Shirt – 3 texture options
Dynamic Collar

Smart Props:

Hat – 2 texture options
Arquebus for R hand and on the ground
Rapier for R hand
Rapier in Scabbard
Dagger for L hand
Dagger in Scabbard

2 light presets
7 body poses
2 hand poses
4 M4 hide/show poses
Lace Cuffs hide/show poses for boots, doublet, shirts and gloves

Clothing figures included following FBMs: bodybuilder, bulk, heavy, emaciated, superhero and various partial or fixing morphs. Doublet and Conforming Tabards are made with body handles props for manipulating lower rims. These can be turn invisible although are not shown at renders anyway. Except that, these figures have several movement morphs for better and easier posing.


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