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The audience cheers when clowns appear However, to some, they?re objects of fear Behind that make-up, who knows what lies Look at those piercing, threatening eyes Beneath what seems a benevolent disguise Perhaps is concealed a menacing surprise People, clowns may have come to hate For a chance to maim and slay they wait If a balloon they seem to come to give, The person may not have long to live If some evil clown is looking your way, ?Somebody help me,? you?d better say

Low res Head textures and Mat Files,for turning your M4 into a happy chappy or a demonic evil clown, made as extra heads for ” Stan ” so the textures will match with all HIS other textures,but can also be used on any M4,but you will have to postwork your own seams..

3 x Head textures 2000×2000 3 Mat Pose Files for adding the Face options..


MORE Textures & Styles for Overall Short
Tototlcalli: The Place of Birds

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