The Water Pond

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More than a Bryce terrain export, and superior to a morphed flat plain, The Water Pond is an “open” environment featuring a recessed ground and tiny “islands” for added drama and depth to your render without the need for camera tricks or fancy positioning of loaded scene content. Set in four popular art styles, each variation offers great versatility and is full of unique character. Choose from a natural environemnt, a rugged fantasy landscape, a dark gothic enclosure or an alien planet, and render a full scene packed with detail and life. Add the morphing water plane and fill the shallows with sea life or alien creatures, populate your scene using the quick position Poses, select one of the Camera Angle presets and render, the possibilities are endless…

– 1 Large organically modeled enclosed terrain with morphs – 4 Highly detailed texture sets/styles: Natural Environment, Fantasy Landscape, Gothic Enclosure and Extraterrestrial Terrain – 1 Water plane with surface change morphs – 1 Large rigid vine prop – 1 Large rigid Tree root/stump prop – 1 Stone prop set at varied positions to act as flat surfaces for other scene characters – 20 Camera angle presets – 6 Quick position pose presets for Victoria 4 – 8 Poser 5 material Shader presets – 8 Daz Studio HiRes photobased HSS seamless water shader presets – 3 Daz Studio proceedural water Shader presets – Normal and Displacement Maps included for your convenience All models are UV Mapped with Texture Templates.


The Jail Cell


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