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In dungeons, on mountaintops and in the most exclusive of thaumaturgical learning centers, you will find the Sickle Mage. Whether he wears a formal collar or a draped robe with trailing folds, he’ll be ready to summon all his powers in this practical and flexible outfit.

This set contains the following superconforming pieces:

-Chest Belt
-Waist Belt
-Top Belt
-Waist Belt Objects

And the following .cr2 props:

-Straight Wand
-Crooked Wand
-Lined Bag

The robe, shoes and collar come in green, blue and white texture options, with mats offered as Poser 5+ .pz2 and DAZ Studio 3.x .dsa. There are textures to match the book to the robes as well.

Nearly every piece has extra morphs – the book and bag can be opened, the shoes can be posed as if removed, and the belt objects can be removed and moved about. There are SIX new bones in the robe for posing, making it possible to walk, run, kneel, sit and lie down without the need for time-consuming, resource-expensive dynamics.

Please see editorial tab for a full morph list! There is so much you can do with the Sickle Mage set!


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Other: Thorne face morph by Moyra, adapted free pose by Magneto, CITM Poses by VagabondAllen, Future Hair from Renderosity

Last Promo Shows SickleYield’s UNNATURAL POWERS Texture set for the Sickle Mage and GOTHIC UNDERBUST CORSET M4H4, available here at Renderosity.


The Sickle Mage V4A4S4

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